Sunday, April 22, 2018, 3 p.m.
Indigenous Women in Contemporary Art
Panel discussion
In English

Papier Art Fair (April 19–22, 2018)
Arsenal contemporary art Montreal
2020 William Street
Montreal (QC)

Moderated by Niki Little and Becca Taylor, curator of the 4th Contemporary Native Art Biennial, níchiwamiskwém | nimidet | my sister | ma soeur
Guests : Camille Larivée, independent curator and Coordinator of Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (ACC/CCA); Caroline Monnet, artist.
Native female artists face multiple prejudices regarding access to recognition from the contemporary art community. On one hand, Native contemporary artists’ work has only recently been displayed outside ethnology museums, and the artists still come up against stereotypes. On the other hand, although female artists form a majority in Canada, the revenues produced from their art is inferior to that of male artists by one-third. What artistic practices have Native female artists developed in this context? Their triple identity is asserted through various strategies ranging from transgression of gender boundaries and appropriation to the use of traditional gender know-how.