March 14, 7:00 p.m.
Gather Bead
SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art
372 Ste-Catherine West, #507
Montreal (QC)

Presented by the Tiohtià:ke Project, BACA, SBC Community Conversations, as a part of: níchiwamiskwém | nimidet | my sister | ma soeur

Thread, needles, and beads.
Gather, converse, and drink tea.

Gather Bead will be an opportunity to connect, create, and share with community members in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal led by Becca Taylor (Swampy Cree) and Niki Little (Ojicree).

Groups of Indigenous women still gather to bead, sew, and share stories. All of these actions continue to be forms of generative process and resistance that centre Indigenous women and community. Relationships are nourished. Embedded into the design is legacy and the transmission of cultural skill. The trace of this gathering becomes art action as evidence and research that is grounded in Indigenous knowledge and practices.

No experience necessary. Some free materials are provided (beads, thread, and cloth) or you can bring your own project.
níchiwamiskwém | nimidet | my sister | ma soeur, is an exhibition that extends beyond an individual practice. Through collaboration and conversation, we will explore the diverse and complex relationships sisters share. Using Indigenous ideas and exploration of this kinship to share stories, grievances, sacrifice, protest, and love. Together we become interconnected with our collective voices, layered dialogues and radical love, a political act of the determination of power within female Indigenous sovereignty and kinship.