Renée Condo

Renée Condo is a sculptor of Mi’gmaq First Nation ancestry. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in fine arts at Concordia University in Montreal, QB. She is a recipient of the FOFA Concordia Merit Scholarship and the Indigenous Graduate Scholarship. She obtained her bachelor of fine arts degree from Concordia University in 2016, having graduated with Distinction. Renée has participated in group shows including the Ashukan Cultural Centre’s yearly Mixed Arts Festival, aimed at sharing Indigenous voices, teachings, and values. Renée has a facility with figurative sculpture that allowed her to complete a large-scale bronze commission for a private patron: a monument of eight family members to scale and likeness. She is currently working on two additional bronze commissions, one of which is a life–size commemorative sculpture of a Mi’gmaq War Veteran for the community of Gesgapegiag.